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Light Spectrum plays an important role on your crops. While PPFD gives the plant its yields, the light spectrum has a direct impact on the morphology, cannabinoid content of your crops and should not be overlooked.


Featured in our GLMF-400


As our GLMF-400 fixture is strictly used for vegetation we have targeted the ideal spectrum for this use.

This spectrum will promote a stalkier plant (less stretching) with tighter nodes, more robust stems, encouraging leafy growth and better root structure.

A strong healthy plant is critical going into flowering for optimal results come harvest time.


Featured in our GLMF-700E, GLMF-680-PRO

Our Full Spectrum fixtures can be used for both vegetation and flowering.

This spectrum promotes flowering, robust stem growth,and proper node spacing.


Also allows growers to see the natural color of their leaves (spot any problems easier) while also penetrating further down the canopy over strictly red and blue spectrum's on the market (which adds to the amount of photosynthesis further down the plant).

Our red wavelength (660nm) produces sugars and carbons which are an essential part of plant growth and the building blocks for plant cells.

Truly cannot go wrong with this versatile spectrum.



Featured in our GLMF-720, GLMF-760-PRO

Our Holy Grail of spectrums.

Featuring all the advantages of the full spectrum this is for the growers that want the ultimate in lighting.

We added an additional 80W total (most on the market) of UV and Far-red. We have done this via 2 additional light bars which can be controlled independently (with a manual dimmer or RJ14 port) of the full spectrum light bars.

The addition of these wavelengths include the following:

- Increases THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants/vitamins, and pigmentation

- Plants react by making chemicals, antioxidants, and enzymes to protect themselves 

- Helps inhibit mold growth and fungal development

- Far-Red creates the emersion effect (signals to the flower stems to seek quality light)

The wider the light spectrum in flowering, the better, higher quality finished product come harvest time.

This has quickly become our most popular spectrum for a reason.

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