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About Us

Rayonled is a global leading manufacturer and exporter of LED fixtures for industrial, commercial and consumer use with our head office located in Brossard (south of Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Built in 2016 this allows us to provide service and support to our North American clientele.

The Rayonled management team has extensive experience with LED lighting since 2007. This experience enabled us to develop one of the most advanced LED grow lights in the industry with our first introduction on the market in 2018. We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and strive to put only the best most advanced technology in the hands of our clients.

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Manufacturing per Request

Our new assembly line allows luminaire optional components to be installed on-site to suit customer requests in a short time lap.

Latest Technology

We are at the cutting edge of technology, offering the latest LED available on the market and adapting new controls that support smart building solutions.


Quality Warranty

Rayonled products are cover with a standard limited warranty of 5 years with an optional 10 years. 

Wide Range

We have years of experience in LED lights. Besides commercial grow lights, our product line covers industrial, indoor, and outdoor lights.

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