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Light Controller (RJ14)

Take control of your fixtures with our easy to use light controller. Control up to 160 fixtures at once.

Rayonled controller (3).png


  • 24 hour timer (on/off): Yes

  • Show output as W or %: Yes

  • Auto-dim at set temp: Yes

  • Auto shutdown at set temp: Yes

  • Outputs: 2 (main/aux)

  • Number of lights per channel: 80

  • Total number of lights: 160

  • Temperature sensors: 2 (for two rooms 12/12)

  • External Contactor Modules (ECM): 2 optional

  • Warranty: 1 year


  • No need for a switchboard

  • Easy and safe installation (low voltage device)

  • Protected against shortcuts

  • Double temperature safety feature (auto-dim/auto-shutdown)

  • Control up to 80 light per channel or 160 lights total

  • RJ14 port

  • Show output in % or Watts

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit and 24 hr/AM/PM

  • Calibrate temperature sensors

  • Subrise/Sunset setting

  • CE certified

Product Info

The RJ14 grow light controller is a dual channel (two zones) controller.


You can daisy chain up to 80 lights per channel with one single controller.


It comes with two temperature sensors, one for each zone which provides real-time data for automated temperature-based dimming, as well as a high-temperature shutdown feature that protects your garden while you’re away.


The controller replaces traditional analog lighting relays and eliminates inrush current.

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