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Are LED Grow Lights Safe?

Indoor gardening and farming have become easier because of advances in technology. Thanks to LED grow lights, we can easily simulate sunshine and give a beneficial spectrum that can aid in plant growth. However, you might have questioned if the indoor grow lights you use are safe for you to be around. It’s common when people are often exposed to artificial light, the bright light supplied by indoor LED grow lights lead you to the question, "Are grow lights safe?"

LED Grow Lights Grow Lights Safe

Overexposure to any light, including natural sunshine, may be hazardous. This is why people use protective sunblock when they have been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. While LED grow lights, in general, are totally safe to use for indoor planting, there are still a few safety precautions you should be aware of.

In this blog, we will discuss what you need know about indoor grow lights and how to choose the best LED grow lights for you.

What type of LED grow lights are safe?

They frequently question people wonder about LED grow lights might be if they cause cancer or other health issues. Just like any types of artificial light, we are continually exposed to artificial light both inside and outdoors via lighting systems. For example, artificial lights from mobile phones, televisions, and electronic gadgets. LED grow lights and other artificial lighting are safe, although you may want to restrict your exposure to them..

According to the European Commission, LED lights may cause eye impairment. However, this danger is often seen as greater at night, when natural forms of light are not available. LED grow lights, just like sunshine, release hazardous radiation. These lights may be harmful to people, depending on the type of the radiation released by the fixture and the duration of exposure. Although there are certain hazards to utilizing LED lights if not utilized properly, but many of us are not exposed to excessive brightness in the evening so there should be not concerned.

Are LED grow lights safe for pets?

If you have a pet and like your indoor garden, you may have questioned if LED grow lights are safe for your pet. Like we just discussed, it is probably better to keep your dogs out of your growing tent and away from lights, because it depends on the type of the radiation released by the lights and the duration of exposure. Pets may swallow plants that are harmful to them if left unsupervised near your grow area, and they may also damage plants and equipment. It’s probably better to keep your pet away from items that aren't meant for them.

How to choose the best LED grow lights

LED grow lights should be selected based on the plant you are growing inside. With so many options available, selecting a grow light might appear to be an overwhelming task. However, selecting the best option for you frequently boils down to picking a grow light that fits both your budget and your growing objectives. Because of their familiarity and ease of use, many growers choose CFL or LED grow lights. These lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying emission spectrums. Indoor growers must understand what their plants require.

To learn more about how to choose the best LED grow lights for your grows, read our blog about How To Choosing The Best Grow Lights For You

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