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Frequently Asked Questions 


What’s the appropriate space between the grow light and the plants?


How many watts of LED power do I need compared to HID or HPS lighting?


Is it safe for my eyes to look at grow lights?


Can too much light kill a plant?

It depends on the type of the plant and the garden layout. LED grow lights have less heat signature than HPS grow lights, therefore, can be placed closer to the plant without causing leaf burn. The distance is measured from the top of the plant to the light bars. The end goal is to get a certain light density at the top of the plants. You may reference the PPFD chart to get the desired result. 

No. looking direct into the grow light could cause damage to the retina. However, it is acceptable to work in the area of the grow light. It is always recommended to wear eye protection. The benefits are protecting your eyes from UV light and adapting your vision to high-intensity light which could help you better spotting issues in the plants.

Yes. Too much light density could cause leaf burn and drying out the hydration in the soil and the plants. Too many hours of light would rush plant growth, which may lower plants’ immunity to insects and diseases. It would affect the harvest quality. The maximum light growers give to plants usually does not exceed 20 hours per day. 

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